Best Way to Prevent Unwanted Weeds

Two basic classes of weeds

Best Way to Prevent Unwanted Weeds
There are two basic classes of weeds: grassy and broadleaf. Crabgrass is a standard grassy weed; dandelions and thistles are common broadleaf weeds.

Despite your best attempts at preventing weeds, sometimes these fearless invaders will still inevitably claim a few modest victories. When that happens, your best bets are the age-old practice of pulling weeds by hand or using garden tools to dig them out or the program or a product known for elimination success. Weed control can be a hassle, but with avoidance tactics and fast action, they can be controlled and in many cases, prevented.

The term weed can be used to describe virtually any unwanted plant. Weeds can smother vegetables, dominate lawns, and make landscapes less attractive and less enjoyable. Proper lawn and garden care, however, can keep weeds in check.

Annual Weeds

Annual weeds complete their whole growth cycles during a year. They sprout from seeds, grow to maturity, form flowers and seeds that then are scattered to form the next year’s plants. Perennials appear year after year by an underground root system. Think of pre-emergent control products as the equivalent to landscape fabric. They create a barrier throughout the surface of the soil which the seedlings of targeted weeds are unable to penetrate. Unfortunately, these controls will have no effect on perennial weeds that re-sprout from underground root systems. They must remain on the surface of the weed long enough to be consumed.

Landscape Fabrics

Weed prevention actually begins when planning to add a flower or vegetable bed. Plots started in weedy areas will be prone to weeds in the future. Clear the backyard area of weeds prior to planting. Then consider mulching to prevent weed germination and growth. Landscape fabrics with a layer of organic mulch or straw are especially powerful in vegetable beds. If there are persistent issues with weeds, there are effective products that can help, but what will be most effective, depends on what weeds are the guilty culprits.

Weeds in Lawns

The best way to prevent unwanted weeds in lawns is appropriate lawn maintenance. Healthy, well-groomed lawns leave little space for weeds. Occasional over-seeding, especially in thinner lawns, also contributes to weed prevention. A persistent weed problem will require additional attention.

Buy and Install Sod

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