Original Marathon Sod

Genuine Marathon I Sod Grass

Original Marathon Sod Grass

Original Marathon Sod is ideal for recreation and family use. Families choose Original Marathon (Marathon I) for its all-purpose maximum durability. The sod grows and recovers quickly, so it can handle daily traffic that might damage the other types of Marathon sod. It doesn’t show wear and tear as quickly as the other varieties.

Daily activity levels
Durable and hardy
Fast injury recovery
Can take up to 40% shade
Coarse texture
Medium green year-round
Mow between 2 ½’” and 3 ½”
All-purpose maximum durability

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We supply the highest quality, freshest sod in Southern California. Whether you need to buy Original Marathon sod in Irvine, or need to buy Marathon sod in Anaheim. Looking to buy Marathon sod in Laguna or wanting to buy Marathon sod in Costa Mesa. Orange County Sod Farm has you covered from the coast to the inland areas of Orange County. Call us today for a sod quote. We won’t be undersold on the price of sod. We deliver sod cut from the farm within 24 hours. Delivering sod to all Orange County locations.

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Buy Sod in Anaheim and install Sod in Anaheim. Learn how to install sod in Anaheim and Orange County from Orange County Sod Farm. Order sod 1-866-775-5455.

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