buy sod in orange county

Orange County Weather

Orange County Weather for Installing Sod

Another cloudless day in the 70s and 80s. Welcome to Orange County! Perfect Weather for a Healthy Sod Lawn Orange County boasts some of the best weather in California for planting a garden or installing a new sod grass lawn in your backyard. Gardeners love the weather for planting year-round gardens and vegetables. The nearly […]

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Marathon 3 Lite Sod Grass

Marathon III Lite Sod

Marathon III Offers a beautiful appearance with least mow clippings. Marathon III is the state-of-the-art dwarf fescue combining slow growth and a rich, dark green carpet-like appearance. Low activity levels Slow injury recovery Can take up to 10% shade Mow between 1 ½’’ and 3’’ Substantially reduced clippings Medium/Fine texture Dark green year-round Where to […]

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planting sod grass rolls

Best Time to Lay Sod Grass

Spring and Fall are the best times to plant sod Sod can be actually a hefty financial commitment, therefore it’s essential to organize the planting spot and also often the turf together with caution. You are able to put sod whenever throughout the expanding time of year, even spring and early fall are most useful […]

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