Genuine Marathon 2 Sod Grass

Marathon II Sod

Marathon II Sod Grass Marathon II Sod offers a good balance between beauty and easy maintenance. With a slightly more refined appearance and high durability, Marathon II Sod is a very popular choice for Orange County homeowners. Weekend activity levels Good injury recovery Can take up to 25% shade Mow between 2’’ and 3’’ Medium/coarse […]

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Genuine Marathon I Sod Grass

Original Marathon Sod

Original Marathon Sod Grass Original Marathon Sod is ideal for recreation and family use. Families choose Original Marathon (Marathon I) for its all-purpose maximum durability. The sod grows and recovers quickly, so it can handle daily traffic that might damage the other types of Marathon sod. It doesn’t show wear and tear as quickly as […]

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Installing Sod in Orange County

How to Install Sod in Orange County

Orange County on average experiences 278 sunny days per year. The area’s warm Mediterranean climate provides the perfect growing conditions for many types of vegetation, including healthy sod grass lawns. Follow these steps to learn how to install sod in Orange County Prepare soil Loosen the top 6 inches of soil with a rototiller. Spread 2 […]

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sod preparation tips

5 Things to Know About Sod

Follow these sod preparation tips, and the grass will be greener on your side of the fence no matter where you live in Orange County. Here are the 5 things to know about sod grass installation on your landscaping project. Prep the ground Be ready to roll out and install the sod when it arrives […]

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